Is peripheral artery disease correlated with pain and heaviness in your legs?

Potentially yes. Peripheral vascular disease causes three levels of symptoms as the disease progresses, 1) claudication; muscle cramping with exercise which also resolves with rest. This is very reproducible 2) rest pain; pain when elevating legs / lying down, 3) tissue loss; foot ulcers / gangrene / non-healing wounds. Pain and numbness are more frequent than heaviness.
Don't forget veins. As dr. Aalami said, heaviness is unusual and in my experience is more likely to be associated with venous insufficiency. I agree with dr. Korna, it is worth checking it out to make sure that veins aren't the cause of the problem.
Yes. Pad can cause this but venous insufficiency can also. Better get checked.

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I have been diagnosed with peripheral artery disease in my legs and also abnormal echogram in my heart. I have chest pain and neck pain. Achy toes to.

See doctor very soon. You already have some blockage of your leg arteries. Chest pain could be due to partial blockage of a coronary (heart) artery. This type of pain is called Angina, and it can lead to a heart attack It's urgent that you see your primary care physician who will be able to determine what the problem is or what test is needed. Do not try to diagnose yourself.
Question? Hi, you are too young to have Peripheral Artery dx and heart Dx, I suggest that you stop smoking if you do, lose weight if overweight, exercise regularly. Please ask the specific question that you have and we will answer. Good luck.

Diagnosed with peripheral artery disease in legs. Abnormal echogram in heart positive ANA. Memory loss and chest pain and achy sore feet. Help. Legs?

Neurologist. Memory problems, leg pain. A general neurologist may be able to address both of these. Unfortunately there are only 5 neurologists in Florida who are certified in Behavioral Neurology (memory disorders) (Two in Jacksonville, two at the University of Florida in Gainsville and one in St Pete. The leg pain may be in part due to neuropathy. The ANA being positive must be taken with a grain of salt.

How do physicians find out whether I have peripheral artery disease of the calf?

Ultrasound. A general idea of vascular disease can be assessed on a physical exam (pulse exam, capillary refill, temperature, color of skin, non-healing wounds) and history (pain at rest, claudication). However an arterial duplex scan (ultrasound) is the most objective way to evaluate someone for peripheral vascular disease.
History. The first step is the history and then is the physical exam. Based upon this most physicians can figure it out but if necessary there are noninvasive tests that can help out as well. Start with your family physician and the see a vascular surgeon if needed.

I have peripheral artery disease. My legs and feet burn up during the evening and while trying to sleep. What maybe causing this? I'm not a diabetic.

Neuropathy. Burning pain mostly is due to neuropathic pain. There are several types of neuropathy. The most common one is due to diabetes, but there are several other types. Please see your pcp.
Hypoxia. Lack of circulation means less oxygen is getting to your legs and feet causing pain. This is termed rest pain. Best to see good vascular specialist.