Is it possible to have leg amputation if you have kidney problems?

Yes. Unfortunately, one of the more common groups of patients who require amputations are diabetics, who frequently also have kidney disease. The kidney disease in itself does not impact the surgery, but severe kidney disease is correlated with increased risk of complications around the time of surgery.
Yes. If an amputation is necessary it can be done on patients with kidney problems. Leg problems that may require amputation and kidney problems are common in people with diabetes.
Amputation CV risk. You can certainly have an amputation due to kidney problems, most likely this is found in diabetic patients. Smokers and those with high lipids are also at risk. Report any non-healing wounds of the feet or pain on walking to doctors to do an angiogram to see if there is an arterial problem, pad. Patients with pad need to study their coronary and carotid arteries to prevent a stroke or a mi.
Yes. Should not affect kidneys. However most older people needing amputation also have other medical problems like diabetes or atherosclerosis which may affect their general health including kidneys. Amputation treating surgeons & anesthesiologists have to take such problems into consideration. Benefits versus risks must always be taken into account before any surgical procedure.

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For someone who has diebetes with no kidney that needs to have a leg amputation still recieve a kidney?

Yes. You can -- as long as you qualify for a kidney transplant with all other criteria, an amputation does not disqualify you from the transplant list. Read more...
Transplant possible. Patients with severe kidney failure should consider transplant as an alternative to dialysis. History of amputation by itself will not disqualify someone from transplant. In order to qualify for a transplant you have to have funding, be cancer free, and your heart & lungs strong enough. That is an oversimplification, there are other criteria as well. Good luck. Read more...
Depends. Transplant lists have strict criteria. If your leg is infected to the point of needing an amputation, most transplant teams would require that you have amputation and heal it prior to transplant. The risk of getting the new kidney infected is too great to undergo transplant while you have an active infection. Read more...