Is it possible for AAA repairs to leak?

Yes. Probably you are thinking of endoleak following stent graft repair for aaa. What this means is that there is persistent blood flow into the excluded aneurysm sac after the stent graft is placed. It is not leaking outside the aaa, just outside the stent graft. There are several types, some require treatment and others do not. Your surgeon will be able to explain your specific case.
Yes. This may help: http://www.Med.Umich.Edu/rad/res/resources/endoleak.Htm.
AAA repair leak. Yes and no. In 20% of the new method to fix AAA from the inside, the patient can have an "endo leak" at the end of the procedure. It's not leaking in the sense you think though and many times is simply watched over time. Ask the doctor who fixed it for a more detailed explanation.