Is having a tortuous aorta worse than developing a aaa?

Tortuous vessel. No. Lots of people has tortuous vessels that never cause problems. That's not to say people with tortuous vessels can't have problems too but the tortuous vessels alone are very rarely the cause.
No, unless... ...Your tortuous aorta is associated with a AAA (which it often is). This can easily be evaluated and explained to you by a vascular surgical consultation.
No. A tortuous aorta is not the same as an aaa. A tortuous aorta means it has become longer and is twisted like a winding road. An AAA or abdominal aortic aneurysm is where there is a focal dilation in the aorta such as a weakness or ballooning of the aorta. An AAA needs to be monitored in case it grows and needs to be fixed before it bursts.