If you have lymphedema, should you go to the ER or wait for a doctor's appointment?

Lymphedema. Lymphedema is usually not an emergency as it is progressive and rarely requires emergent care. The typical er physician is not expert, per se, in this disorder. The exception is secondary infection that may occur -- and may be difficult to differentiate from usual inflammation from chronic -- lymphedema. Seek help from your primary care physician or from an active wound care center for help.
Lymphedema. If have current infection then need to be seen quickly If not can wait for your md.
Only if infected. Infection is a concern with lymphedema and keeping your swelling under control minimizes your risk of infection. Management of the swelling from lymphedema is a chronic process and isn't treated well in the er. If you have a sin infection though, the er might be the right place to be, especially if you have a fever, chills, and night sweats, as dr. Bolhack and salartash said..
Depends. If you have an infection then go to the er. If you simply have swelling then see a physician that has a special interest in lymph edema.