I have hashimoto's and graves disease. My endo is 2 hours away in a major city, and she is even perplexed? How rare/difficult to treat is this combo?

Not that rare. Actually, mixed hashi/graves is not all that rare, although it can create a mixed picture and be perplexing at times. If you are hyperthyroid, you need to be treated. You need to follow up with your endocrinologist.
Difficult. Just remember that doctors are human and we, too, need help and 2nd opinions. Maybe you should look into a larger regional hospital that has a specialist who deals specifically with your condition. It never hurts to call ahead.

Related Questions

Can you die from having graves disease or hashimoto disease?

Only if untreated. It would be rare to pass away from graves disease or hashimoto disease, as these diseases are easy to diagnose and treat in this era. Very rarely, if a patient was avoiding medical care, the thyroid condition could, in time, become severe enough to be fatal. Read more...

Graves disease (tsi 378) with anti-TPO 59 and tgab 514. Will this eventually lead to hashimoto's?

No. They are two different disease conditions but your chance of first having first an overactive thyroid followed by an under-active thyroid is highly likely. However it would not be from hashimoto's. Read more...

What is the significance of radioactive iodine scan in various throid diseases like myxedema, hashimoto's thyroiditis and graves disease?

Hot vs. cold nodule. Iodine uptake by thyroid tissue depends on functioning cells. The most common use for thyroid scan is to assess if a nodule is functional or not. A functional/hot nodule may cause hyperthyroidism but is not likely to be malignant. See this site for more info. http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/003829.htm. Read more...