I have diabetes and had a foot amputation. What can I do to take better care of myself?

Preventative care. Keep your diabetes in check (make sure your hga1c is <7) and protect your feet. Prevent pressure sores and keep an eye on your wounds. You can wear protective orthotic shoes and see a podiatrist on a regular basis.
Education / Care. Take better care of yourself by maintaining a good control of your blood sugar, eating a nutritious healthy diet, exercise, use properly fitting shoes with custom inserts, and do not smoke.
Better. Control of blood sugar and immediate attention to any wounds. Sorry to hear about amp but be proud of yourself for, wanting to take better care!
Prevention is key. Control your blood sugar. Work with your primary care doctor or see a specialist. See a podiatrist every two moths who can evaluate the need for protective shoe gear and insole as well as monitor general foot structure and vascular status.
Amputation. I am sorry to hear an amputation in someone so young. Protect your feet at all times, look at your feet several times a day, wear white socks, see your podiatrist regularly and control your diabetes as best you can. Good luck.