I am an HIV patient with non-healing lesions on leg. What are my treatment options?

HIV Wounds. Patients with HIV infection are a unique subset of patients that are seen by dermatologists and wound care specialists because in addition to the usual types of wounds (venous stasis ulcers, for example), they can develop many unusual wounds. You need to be seen by a specialist as soon as possible to assess the wounds. Sometimes, biopsies are needed to help with the diagnosis.
Depends on cause. Treatment of the non-healing lesions on your leg depends on what the cause of the lesion is. It may be due to an infection caused by a bacteria, virus, or fungus. It may also be due to other causes like a vasculitis or malignancy/cancer. You should probably have someone look at it and consider a culture and/or a biopsy of the non-healing lesion. The treatment depends on what is causing it.