Should I be worried about taking ambien (zolpidem)?

Ambien (zolpidem)? Is sleeping medication, that should be taken on as needed basis only. However, u should be careful when u take it, until u see how it impact u. I have seen patient who claimed they found themselves clocking in the kitchen or driving their car without remembering.
Caution. I don't know about "worried, " but i'd be cautious depending on your reasons for taking it. For instance, many take this for insomnia without looking at why sleep difficulty is happening in the first place. Why was it prescribed for you, what is causing the problem, and what additional things are you working on besides using ambien (zolpidem)?
Usually not. As long as the Ambien (zolpidem) is prescribed and monitored by your physician, there should be no need to worry. Use the medication only as directed and let your doctor know if you experience any adverse effects.
Very few SeE . Some se like sleep walking sleep talking reading your literature when u get your meds from pharmacist always helps be friends with your pharmacist.