Does lasik medication help lymphedema?

No. I think you mean "lasix", which is a type of water pill, or diuretic. These medicines cause you to urinate more and remove water from your body, but they do not treat lymphedema. Lymphedema is not caused by having too much water in your body. It is caused by faulty or damaged lymph vessels which can't drain the fluid from your arms and legs.
No. One of the unfortunate issue in medicine is that there are so many terms that sound alike. One of the most common areas where terms are confused is with lasik (laser in situ keratomileusis) for correcting vision, and Lasix (furosemide) for blood pressure and certain forms of edema. The first is a surgery, and the second is a medication. Neither are beneficial for lymphedema.
No. The mainstay is decongestive therapy, not using a diuretic, like lasix (furosemide). Decongestive therapy includes wearing elastic compression stockings, using non-elastic circ-aid garments, sequential compression devices, lymphatic drainage/massage, diet and exercise. Not only do diuretics not help but they can cause unnecessary complications.