Do I need home nursing car to take care of my foot stump after my operation?

HH Nurse. Your residual limb issue is an important one. You will require some level of assistance in the home. Those needs require determination before you leave the hospital. Separate those needs into two categories: your activities of daily living (eating, toileting, dressing, etc); and the care of your residual limb (nursing, physician, therapist). If there is wound care, then a hh should be involved.
Usually not. Usually not if it is healing well and you or family member can apply dressing to it . But if it is not healing or you have a wound on the stump then yes you need home health nurse.
Stump care. If there is a need for dressing change , yes you will need home care. The level of care as this impacts your life should be discussed with your surgeon and his staff who will guide you through this. Best of luck.