How do infected bed bug bites look?

Bed bug bites. Bed bug bites may cause no symptoms or signs in some people. When there is a reaction, it may not show until several days after the bed bug has bitten. It can cause pink, swollen, itchy lesions on the skin. What can be telltale is when there is a linear track of lesions from sequential feedings – but that does not always occur. If infected it may become warm, w ^ swelling, redness & pus.
Like impetigo. Bed bug bites look like any insect bite.The fact that you wake up with them & they are numerous alerts you that you're sleeping with an uninvited guest. If they become infected with staphylococcus on your skin because you couldn't stop scratching or picking the bites become red, weepy & crusty. Then these new lesions grow & spread to other parts of your skin. You may need an antibiotic from a hcp.