Can you tell me how the procedure for av fistula placement works?

It works well. A fistula is the best option for long-term hemodialysis. Your own artery and vein are connected in a small surgical procedure. It takes 6 weeks or more to grow or mature and then 2 needles are inserted for dialysis. There is no artificial material as in an av graft so the fistulas stay open. See www, fistulafirst, org for more info.
Surgery. Surgery to connect arm artery and arm vein together. Check out emedicine. Medscape. Com and look at dialysis fistulas.
Very well. Sorry for quip. You hook up an artery and a vein so the vein gets thicker and bigger and carries more blood so that there is enough to flow through dialysis machine.
Edit web address. It should read as www. Fistulafirst. Org.