Can you explain the difference between vasculitis disease and peripheral artery disease?

Inflammatory Pattern. Peripheral vascular disease refers to the blockage of blood vessels (doesn't include heart or brain vessels). This can happen from atherosclerosis, emboli or clot formation. Vasculitis diseases are a subset of peripheral vascular disease which cause inflammatory destruction of vessels. This can affect large vessels (takayasu's arteritis) and small vessels (buerger's disease).
Vasculitis is. Inflammation of the blood bessels sometimes harder to diagnose. Can cause lots of symptoms like blindness paralysis finger gangrene etc. Periph art dis is progressive blockage of arteries with plaque related to bad diet, genetics and lack of exercise. Usu symptoms are stroke, dementia, heart attack(why bypass & stents are done) or pain in legs with use.Can occasionally affect intestines kidneys e.