Can soap to wash a diabetic ulcer affect how long it will take the ulcer to heal?

Wound care. . Diabetic ulcers will generally heal if you offload the area (decrease direct pressure with an insert, or a wheelchair), have your doctor trim the callus and dead tissue away on a regular basis, and if the ulcer is infected, you may need oral or IV antibiotics, depending on the severity of the infection. Depending on the size of the ulcer, it may take weeks to months for it to close!
Yes. The is can convert a cleansing process to a caustic process. You need to see a wound specialist and/or a vascular surgeon.
Diabetic Ulcer. In medicine we do not like hard soaps because the pH of the soap is actually damaging to the skin integrity. You will see that many types of things that we put on skin are 'ph neurtral'. Think of the skin as bricks and mortar: the high pH soaps break up the mortar allowing the skin cells to fall apart. Your wound care professional will tell which products are safe and cost-effective to use.