I have a a lump on my gums it's right below my wisdom tooth that I was in pain for a couple of days ago. Now my cheek is swollen what is it?

Probably infection. Wisdom teeth commonly get an infection known as pericoronitis. You should see your dentist.
Infection . . . . The area is likely infected. Please see your dentist to discuss the risks and benefits of having the tooth removed.
Infection. This is either an infection from food and bacteria getting caught under the gun around your wisdom tooth, or from a cavity in your wisdom tooth. Regardless you need an evaluation from a dentist and possibly a round of antibiotics followed by timely extraction of the wisdom tooth. Please see your dentist asap as it sounds like this infection is spreading.
Infection. At your age it is probably an infection that is either caused by food getting trapped below the gum, or very deep decay. In either case it sound like you don't have enough room for the tooth and the best treatment would be to remove the tooth.