Can liquid honey be used to treat skin ulcers on the leg?

Yes. Yes, honey has anti microbial properties and has been used for topical wound care of leg and decubitus ulcers. Only sterilized labratory tested honey should be used.
Honey for ulcers. Honey has been used for the treatment of wounds for centuries. There are medical grade honey based products on the market that are used in wound care currently. They appear to be as effective as other types of products used in the wound care armamentarium. Many patients purchase their own honey in stores to use on wounds. There is no literature to support this type of honey.

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Has honey been used to treat skin ulcers on the leg?

Yes, but... ...That doesn't mean it's a good idea. At least one study, published last year, found that treating leg ulcers with dressings impregnated with honey did not significantly improve the rate of healing, but did lead to a significantly increased number of side effects. It's best to stick with treatments that have been proven to work, such as compression dressings. Your doctor can help with that. Read more...
Yes for centuries. They have uncovered egyptian papyruses from 4000 b.C. That show they used honey in combination with other agents as wound treatment. In modern times manuka honey has been made sterile and packaged for medical use for chronic ulcers. The manuka honey differs from regular table honey only in the type of flower the bees feed on to produce the honey. Read more...