Can having diabetic neuropathy raise your chances of getting a heart disease?

Yes, indirectly. It is not the neuropathy that increases the chance of heart disease, rather diabetes itself which is a risk factor for heart disease.
Yes. Diabetes increases your risk of cardiovascular disease.
Yes, indirectly. Diabetes prematurely ages the blood vessels, in and of itself can increase the risk for heart attacks, angina, stroke. Also associated with neuropathy. Patients with diabetic neuropathy have increased risk of "silent" heart attacks, i.e. May not have symptoms that go with heart attacks, such as pain, discomfort, but have ekg, stress test or echo evidence of heart damage.
Yes. Diabetes can greatly damage blood vessels over time. Damage to small vessels supplying nerves in the feet are often the first signs of end-organ damage. Physicans check the urine for signs of damage to kidney filtration vessels. Eye vessels are also at risk. Large studies showed that diabetes is an independent risk factor for heart disease and attack via coronary artery disease.

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Can having diabetic neuropathy raise your chances for heart disease?

Neuropathy and heart. Being a diabetic gives you increased risks of heart disease. Also, if your neuropathy is at least partly because of poor control, that increases your risk of heart disease.
Yes. Diabetic neuropathy is damage to peripherals nerves mainly at legs but can happen arms and stomach. If you are having unsteadiness with postural changes like sitting to standing you may have autonomic dysfunction. You have an increase risk for heart attack, renal insufficiency and eye damage. Follow closely with primary care doctor for in depth discussion of risks and follow up.
Silent MI. Silent mi is a real issue with diabetics. The abnormal nervous system (due to neuropathy) can make "feeling" an mi impossible.

Does having diabetic neuropathy raise increase chances for heart disease?

Sort of. The neuropathy does not cause heart disease, but the conditions that cause neuropathy also cause heart, renal and vascular disease.
Diabetes. Diabetes increase chances for heart disease and neuropathy.

I am diabetic, hypertensive and have familial hyperlipidemia, what risk chance to get ischemic heart disease?

Higher risk. You have many risk factors for ischemic heart disease. Best thing you can do right now is to maintain healthy weight, loss weight if you are currently overweight or obese, do no smoke, take medications as prescribed to control the diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol problems. Exercise if you can once cleared by your physician.

What are the chances that a 69 year old man with diabetes and heart disease and on meds, getting a woman pregnant?

Decent chance. If he doesn't have issues with performance (ie erectile dysfunction) due to his illness, he can still get you pregnant. As men age, their sperm count may decline, but it only takes one of the little guys to be at the right place at the right time to get you pregnant.

Both gpas died of mass ht attks, gmas died of strokes/CHF, dad had lt ht attk b4 age 55.All fam has high bp, diabetes, high chol. Chance of heart disease?

Heart attack risk. You do have an unfortunate family history. This history does increase your odds. The single most important thing you could do is stop smoking. After that you should get regular check ups, follow cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and weight closely. Mediterranean diet with vigorous regular exercise should be followed.
Pretty darn high. Hi. Take that family history seriously! If you're diabetic, control it aggressively. Control blood pressure aggressively. Control cholesterol aggressively with a statin (LDL.
Take charge. You can't change your genes, but you can modify other risk factors. It is essential to achieve or maintain an ideal weight as well as exercise regularly, eat right and follow your doctor's advice on treating your cholesterol. Do not be afraid of statins. They have an excellent long-term safety profile and are a critically important preventative therapy. And... Never smoke cigarettes!

Help please! Is aids just like getting diabetes or heart disease these days?

In a manner. If you are talking about managing hiv, then yes, in a manner of speaking; we have good medications that will suppress the virus and essentially stall the progress of the disease, and patients can live full productive lives.

How does sublexation of the spine relate to diabetes, heart disease, or obesity?

Minimally. Subluxation of the spine.... Might limit exercise and therefore contribute to obesity which leads to diabetes and development of early heart disease. Other than that there is no relation whatsoever.