Can exercise help heal a diabetic ulcer?

Exercise diabeties. A diabetic ulcer is often on the bottom of feet so that exercise would not be what we encourage; quite the contrary, we spend great efforts with these types of ulcers to relieve pressure with casts and boots and special shoes.
Can't hurt & inc flo. Exercise increases circulation so it cannot hurt. However you have to ensure exercise does not further injure ulcer. Need to be sure macro circulation good. Vigorous debredement and wound vac then apligraf skin graft best course if no < 20% healing in four weeks.
No. If the wound is on the bottom (plantar surface) of your foot do not walk on it. You may not feel pain due to neuropathy (damaged nerves). You may make the wound worse. If the circulation is good dressings and off-loading (non-weight bearing) not walking! if diminished circulation: a procedure to improve blood flow or circulation - angioplasty (balloon) or surgery. Get medical help it may get worse.
Probably not. A diabetic foot ulcer needs to be off loaded. Repetitive trauma with exercising will probably cause more harm. With the appropriate wound care and adequate blood supply the ulcer should heel. If no response in a couple of weeks then i usually use apligraf to help in the healing process.