Can constant pressure help a diabetic ulcer heal?

Diabetic foot ulcer. Do not use constant pressure on a diabetic foot ulcer. Your podiatrist or wound care professional needs to evaluate the ulcer and make recommendations. The standard of care for diabetic foot ulcers due to neuropathy is to offload the pressure from the wound, not to increase it!
Offloading. Diabetic foot ulcers require offloading to minimize the pressure and friction to the area. Offloading is usually accomplished via use of casts, braces, crutches, walkers, and special off loading wound care shoes. Consult with your physician to get the treatment that is best for you.
Diabetic ulcer. Most diabetic ulcers are actually caused by pressure. Treatment of such ulcers is primarily reducing the pressure at this area thus allowing the body to heal the ulcer.
No direct pressure! Diabetic ulcers will generally heal if you offload the area (decrease direct pressure with an insert, or a wheelchair--no direct pressure!), have your doctor trim the callus and dead tissue away on a regular basis, and if the ulcer is infected, you may need oral or IV antibiotics, depending on the severity of the infection.
No. Diabetic ulcers need wound care and a vascular evaluation to rule out arterial insufficiency. Also, many diabetic ulcers harbor multiple bacteria forms that may have invaded the soft tissues and require antibiotics. You need to see a vascular surgeon.