Can compression stockings make your blood pressure go up?

No. Compression stockings do not make your blood pressure go up. They are used to keep the veins compressed and to help prevent fluid from building up in the legs such as in the case of lymphedema. They are alaso commonly used in patient who have varicose veins or who have calf dvts.
No. The only possible effect that graduated compression stockings could have on your blood pressure would be to make it go down in the limb with the stocking. There should be no possibility of compression stockings making your blood pressure go up.

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Vexing. Assuming this is idiopathic edema ( no heart failure, no liver failure, no significant protein in urine, and no significant impedance to venous return) the treatment is salt restriction - 2 g/day, elevation, compression and possibly diuretics. There is no quick fix. Make sure you are not taking meds which can make this worse - calcium channel blockers and non steroidals. Read more...