Can carotid bruits cause severe headaches?

Generally not. A bruit is the sound of irregular blood flow. They can lead to a stroke which may in fact result in a headache. You need further investigation.
No. A carotid bruit is a sign of turbulence in the carotid artery. This not typically associated with headache. A bruit should be followed up with an ultrasound as it could be a sign of significant carotid stenosis.

Related Questions

When after a carotid stent placement is a severe headache ofconcern?

Follow up. A severe headache is always a concern, however when coupled with a major vascular surgery, it is something that should not be ignored. You should notify your surgeon about your symptoms and follow up. Best of luck.
Comments. Unlikely that carotid stent has done anything adverse, but the recent change in blood flow may have acted as a trigger to promote headache. Would suggest you notify your surgeon of this event, as important that you keep on top of this to assure a completely successful outcome.

How common is a 280 degree loop of the carotid artery & is it serious? I'm also suffering severe headaches, can it be related?

Not common. Looping of the carotid artery is not common but by itself does not indicate the need for treatment. The headaches are probably unrelated and you should consult with your physician or a neurologist. If the looping or tortuosity is associated with episodes of weakness or vision loss on the same side you should see a vascular surgeon. Otherwise you should probably not worry about it.

Told gray area on brainmri was shadowing from carotid. Now having severe headaches awakening in am past 3 days. Should I go to ER or wait for primary?

ER. If these headaches are new and severe then you should be seen immediately in an er.
Not enough info. Sorry, can't provide a good answer with so little information. Why was brain MRI obtained, and what were the findings? Headache history & characteristics? I suggest an urgent phone consultation with your primary doc, who can help "triage" this problem.