Can a stasis ulcer recur after treatment?

Yes. Yes. If the underlying venous insufficiency was not addressed then a recurrence will occur. Another reason is non-compliance with the use of compression socks/wraps.
Absolutely. I completely agree with drs. Aalami and salartash. This has been shown in many studies.
Yes. Venous insufficiency and associated ulcer disease is a long term problem and requires chronic management to avoid the recurrence. Eradication of superficial insufficiency and compression therapy are the mainstays of treatment.
Yes. Reflux in other veins can start. After time symptoms can return. These new veins can be treated.

Related Questions

What kind of doctor would I see to treat a stasis ulcer?

Open stasis ulcer. Stasis ulcers involve different physical systems in the body. Family doctor for initial evaluation, smoking and diabetes evaluation as well generally, a wound care physician, or an orthopedic surgeon can be helpful. Vascular surgeons to evaluate blood flow. The treatment usually involves wraps to the legs, moderate walking, and elevation of the legs when seated.
Several choices. Your primary care doctor is always a good place to start. He or she might want you to see a wound care specialist to help heal your ulcer. Treatment to close the ulcer generally always requires compression. It is important though, to see a vein specialist/phlebologist, at some point, to treat the underlying venous insufficiency that is causing the ulcer, so that once it heals, it doesn't return.
Stasis ulcer. Wound care physician, dermatologist, vascular surgeon, primary care doctor (family practice and or internist) -- just someone who understands this process.

How to get rid of a stasis ulcer on my leg?

See a venous Dr. Venous stasis is caused by valve problems that allow blood from deep high-pressure veins to enter low-pressure veins just under the skin. These veins enlarge, letting fluid through the walls (swelling), letting blood through (discoloration) and finally having so much back pressure that nutritious arterial blood cannot enter an area of the skin resulting in ulcers. It is treated by laser ablation.
Serious. First identify and treat the cause of stasis. Obese? Phlebitis or vein problem? Diabetes? Heart, liver, lung, kidney disease? Meds? Elastic stocking, elevation of leg, exercise. Possibly Unna boot. If infected, may need debridemont and antibiotic. This is important to treat and should be done by a physician experienced with the finer points.

Is it okay to have sex if you have a stasis ulcer?

Certainly! A stasis ulcer if appropriately treated and dressed is not contraindication to having sex. Protect the area and procede!
You bet. Just be careful not to bump the ulcer. That might not feel very good.