Can a physician give antibiotics for a bedsore/pressure ulcer?

Yes but. . Antibiotics only fight infection. They do nothing to fix a bedsore. When a sick or frail patient lays in one position for a long time and cannot move the pressure over bony prominences ( hip, tailbone, etc ) can crush and kill the skin in between the bone and the bed. Bad ones can even kill off the muscle. If this is infected abx will fight the infection. But if not there is no point in giving .
Depends. Sometimes the skin around an ulcer may be infected and require antibiotics. Also, if the bone is infected then antibiotics are definitely necessary. Sometimes the bone has to be debrided (portions removed) in order to clear the infection.
Bedsore. A pressure ulcer is due to pressure and relief of pressure is the primary focus. Any wound can be expected to have bacteria present in the wound bed but it does not mean there is an infection. This is a clinical impression that is made by a clinician after inspecting the wound, the surrounding tissue, vital signs, odor, color, drainage, time to heal, and so on. If indicated, then antibiotics r ok.

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Hi, can doctor give me an antibiotic for bed sores or pressure ulcers?

Sure. But if they aren't infected it may do more harm than good. Unnecessarily using antibiotics contributes to the development of resistant bacteria and won't help heal a pressure sore. Read more...
Antibiotics. Sure they can but not many wounds need to be treated with antibiotics. Most wounds have bacteria in them but unless heavy colonization is affecting healing or unless it is infected, no antibiotics are necessary. A wound care physician can guide you through this issue. Read more...