Can a friend or a family member donate the saphenous vein for ilial bypass surgery?

Transplant. A saphenous vein cannot be donated from one person to another. In certain instances cryoprepared (frozen) cadaver veins are used in bypass surgery but only in exceptional circumstances.
Better alternatives. Technically yes. Donated veins ( cadaver ) are used for bypassing arteries of a similar diameter ( primarily leg ). However, long term results are not as good as the patient's own vein or even "artifical tubes". The iliac artery offers another challenge, it ihas a signicantly larger diameter. Vein can be made into a larger diameter tube but this is time consuming. Other tubes do better, longer.
No. That is a very noble and altruistic idea, but is not something that is done. Other good options for bypass conduit exist, especially for the bypass of iliac arteries so don't worry.

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What is the role of your saphenous vein for heart bypass surgery?

The bypass tube. The greater saphenous vein and occasionally the lesser saphenous vein ( superficial veins in the leg ) are the usual "tubes" used for coronary artery bypass and frequently for other artery bypass operations. Read more...
Bypass conduit. Internal thoracic arteries and saphenous veins are used to bypass the obstructed native coronaries. Depending on location and number if diseased vessels , more length of vein may be harvested, prepared , reversed due to intrinsic valves, and sewn to aorta as inflow, and to distal coronary to provide new flow to heart. Read more...