Are there peripheral pulses in a patient having venous insufficiency?

Sure. As dr. Gotvald so nicely explained, pulses are felt in arteries but venous insufficiency results from vein trouble and not artery. Many people with venous insufficiency have no arterial trouble and their pulses are completely normal. It would be uncommon, but not unknown, for someone to have arterial (and no pulses) and vein trouble.
Depends. Venous insufficiency is caused by a dysfunctional veins of the superficial or deep systems of the legs. The pulses are usually intact unless there is underlying arterial insufficiency.
Pulses and veins. Typically yes, there will be intact palpable pulses in a patient with isolated venous insufficiency. If the patient has both vein disease as well as arterial disease, then the pulses may be absent. Veins do not have palpable pulses within them since they are not directly connected to the heart and have low pressure in them. The best exam to evaluate veins is as ultrasound.
Maybe. If venous insufficiency alone pulses of the arteries are ok. If patient has both venous disease and peripheral artery disease at the same time, pulses maybe decreased.
Pulses. Peripheral pulses are result of arterial circulation and they should be present and normally in people with venous insufficiency. However, they can coexistent impatience such that they have peripheral arterial disease, and venous insufficiency simultaneously.
Sometimes. Venous insufficiency is due to venous hypertension due to valvular insufficiency in the veins. On the other side of the circulation are the arteries. With venous insufficiency you may be able to feel arterial pulses if the arterial circulation is adequate and if there is no edema to mask the pulse. With edema or with simultaneous arterial disease, pulses will not be palpable.

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Please let me know if there is a peripheral pulses in patient having venous insufficiency?

Pulses should. Be normal. Could have peripheral artery disease if they are decreased. Can have pad and venous insufficiency at same time. See sirweb.Org . Select patient tab at top. Select pad and varicose veins from menus at left for good info. Many of my patients have both diseases. Read more...