Are lymphedema pumps effective?

Yes. The pumps are effective if used correctly. As soon as the session is completed the extremity should be compressed in a garment or a bandage. This should be continued on a daily basis.
Yes. The pumps can reduce lymphedema but the effects were offf. Compression with support hose at tolerated is helpful although difficult for some people. The adjunctive use of oral enzymes such as bromelain can be helpful for many.
Lymphedema. yes they are as they pump the lymphatic fluid out of the extremity at a more rapid pace prevention fluid build up in the extremity all would advise a compression garment, stocking for lower extremity or sleeve for upper extremity during daily activity.
Yes, but ... As dr. Salartash said, they are effective but they have to be used correctly, used consistently, and they take time to use properly. It is important to remember that they are only a part of a decongestion treatment regimine, though, that should include compression stockings, lymphedema massage, diet, and exercise.

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Are lymphedema pumps helpful?

Yes. Pump, massage, compression garment and certain exercise and being attentive to your lifestyle and body posture can all be helpful. Get your loved ones involved. Persistence will bring the best result. Read more...
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