My 13 yr old son has been complaining of his right nipple being hard all week and hurts. Should i bring him to his primary doctor? Normal growth spurt


Sore usually good

Tender nipples during puberty, whether it be a girl or boy, is very normal. Both sexes have some breast tissue, and changing hormone levels in either sex can cause some tenderness. Additionally, minor gentle trauma to the area can make it worse - even something like he bumped his chest. The more you poke at it and feel it, the more it will be sore -leave it alone and enjoy puberty!
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Male breast tissue

Breast buds affect ~1/2 males in early puberty and may affect one or both sides concurrently. The process reflects an awakening of the body to hormonal changes. It generally persists for a year or less & disappears gradually. Rare cases can become prominent. Discuss it at any regular Dr visit, but I wouldn't go in for this alone unless your kid is going bonkers over the issue & needs reassurance.
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