Can anyone have a seizure for no reason? Or do u have to have epilepsy, brain tumor/trama. Etc? And do most people survive seizures?

Seizure. Any number of things can lead to a seizure. Having a seizure does not imply epilepsy, but it is part of the diagnostic spectrum. Any seizure is a medical emergency and should be followed up immediately by a call to your doctor, and if the first time, with no diagnosis, to the emergency department. Most people, indeed, survive seizures.
Always a reason. We can't always uncover etiology but always some logical answer. Epilepsy means more than one seizure, and many people have but one seizure in their entire lives. There is a 60% chance of a second seizure in one year. Yes, virtually all people survive even multiple seizures, but if frequent spells, absolutely must treat to prevent harmful events.

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Simple partial seizures common idiopathic epelipsy? Brain tumor? No other symptoms. Passed neuro exam - reflexes, gait, strength, eye exam -perfectly.

Brain tumor. An MRI of the brain will determine if there is a brain tumor. Reducing or eliminating the seizures is the first priority. The anti-convulsant (anti-seizure) medication prescribed by your neurologist is specific to the seizure type. Discuss the side-effects of each medication to help you cope with seizures. Read more...