Vitamin d deficiency and fibromyalgia connected?

In some cases. We don't really know what causes fibromyalgia. Some studies have found that many who have fibromyalgia have vitamin d deficiency, while others have not found this. In some studies taking vit d in those who were deficient improved symptoms. So worth checking d levels but also see a good holistic doc. Many with fibromyalgia are hypothyroid. Many have undiagnosed lyme disease. See comment for more:.
Vitamin D. Deficiency of vitamin d can lead to more aches and pains in muscular and connective tissue. So in that way the pains you experience in one condition can cross over into the other. Most doctors who are knowledgeable in treating fibromyalgia will also want to optimize vitamin d levels, as well as other nutrients.

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So I have been diagnosed with vitamin d deficiency and I am only 20 y/o male. How can I increase vitamin d other than sun exposure? Through food?

D3, 5000-8000 IU day. When diet and sun exposure are insufficient to raise vitamin d levels many physicians recommend a daily dose of 5, 000-8, 000 iu of vitamin d3 . Once 25 hydroxy vitamin d levels reach 60 - 80, the daily dose (5, 000-8, 000) is usually cut in half and the patient followed to ensure the new dose is able to maintain therapeutic vitamin d levels. Read more...

How dangerous is vitamin d deficiency?

Vitamin D deficiency. ....Makes you more likely to catch illnesses. It makes you more likely to develop immune problems. A variety of cancers are more likely with low d. Some studies have even shown increased likelihood of death from all causes in d deficient people. Not to mention, d is necessary for strong bones. Vitamin d deficiency is a significant problem. Read more...

What happens with vitamin d deficiency?

Vitamin D. With gross deficiencies of vitamin d, one can have rickets -- where bones don't mineralize properly and can be deformed. Low d may show up as bone pain and muscle weakness at first. Low vitamin d also correlates with increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment in seniors, severe asthma in kids, cancer, hypertension, depression, glucose intolerance, and ms. Read more...