What will my midwife do if I am giving birth at home?

To be discussed. Home births are not performed by all midwives. Should you choose this option, you need to do your homework- regarding your midwife's licensure and competency, how many of such births has she performed, who is her back up physician and hospital, what is the distance to the hospital, what complications she is able to deal with, is she able to perform neonatal assessment and resuscitation?
DON'T DO that !!!! Why would u ever want to take a chance that something could go wrong and u end up with a bad baby or something bad happens to you and I have seen the results many times when i was on OB er call ! u can be totally normal, have a totally normal labor and pushing and have a disaster with the delivery or u can have post partum severe bleeding, no one can predict the future , home del ok 1813 not 2013.