Venous insufficiency of lower limbs make veins worse?

Valves malfunction. Bad veins lead to venous stasis and insufficiency which is a result of the valves in the venous system malfunctioning . This can be due to the valves in the deep system, superficial system or connecting system. Deep system valve malfunction could be due to prior clots, superficial problems could lead to varicose veins and perforator malfunction could lead to venous ulcers.See a vein specialist.
Other way around. Dr. Presant's answer is absolutely right and a very good explanation. The issue is that venous insufficiency worsens as veins worsen, not the other way around. Venous insufficiency is the result of varicose veins, not the cause.
Yes, CVI worsens . Chronic venous insufficiency results from damage to venous one-way valves that prevent gravity from pulling blood down to your feet. The pressure within those veins elevates abnormally, extending damage and the veins dilate into varicosities. More damage results in more extensive venous insufficiency, leading to swelling, pigmentation, dermatitis and eventually venous ulcer.