What do sore breasts and protruding nipples mean?

Cold Temperature . Breasts are modified sweat glands and respond to parasympathetic (ps) impulses. The ps system controls temperature, sweat gland secretions (sweaty palms when you're nervous, etc) and arousal response (protruding nipples and sensitive breasts).. Breasts are most sensitive while lactating (breast feeding) and menstruation.

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What do sore breasts and sore protruding nipples mean?

Many things. This could mean a variety of things including hormonal stimulation that occurs with pregnancy, menses, hormonal supplementation or endocrinologic disturbances. Read more...

What does it mean if I have sore nipples but not sore breasts?

Sore nipples. It means exactly that the brest tissue is not sore, but the nipples themselves are sore. Can be due to many reasons, the commonest is probably breast feeding or excessive nipple stimulation by a partner. Read more...