How dangerous is an angioplasty with stent?

<2% risk death . About 5% risk of heart attack. Safer through the wrist (radial) than the groin (femoral) for bleeding complications.
Short or Long Term? Is the bigger issue. With many technical equipment improvements since started in humans 1977, short-term technical success & complication rates have greatly improved. The larger issue is that angioplasty is only about symptoms, induces acute ischemic damage (often small; rarely fatal) & complicates the disease process. Thus focusing on changing disease drivers & longer term issues better & wiser.
Not very. Ptca w stenting has come a long way in recent years with better equipment and easier to place devices (smaller caliber stents). Drug-eluting stents have reduced restenosis (renarrowing) rates, now occurring less than 5-10 % oprocedural success with better tools that we now have is very high (greater than 95%). Risks (mi, vessel closure, dissection, perforation) collectively are less than 1%.

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