Abdominal pains, lower back pain from cystitis?

Possible. A urine test at your physician's office can easily detect this. Then, you'll be prescribed an appropriate antibiotic for a few days that should clear it up.

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Had 3 c sections and been having sharp pains and abdominal pains and lower back pain here and there. Period ended about 2 weeks ago, help?

Pain & C/sections. Sometimes the pain you have described is caused by abdominal or pelvic adhesions post surgery, in this case, C/sections. You need to be evaluated by a GYN MD to find out if that is the case or additional reason for the same. Read more...

Twinges in lower abdomen. Gas pains. Lower back pain. Nauseous. What can this be?

Abdominal Pains. Unfortunately it can be very difficult to diagnose abdominal pains without further information. Any chance of pregnancy? Vaginal discharge/odor? Urinary/bowel changes? Fevers? Read more...