Could a urinary tract infection cause urgency or urge incontinence?

Yes. Urgency can certainly be associated with a urinary tract infection, especially if these symptoms occurred suddenly. Call your doctor to set up a urine lab test.
Yes. Ruling out a urinary tract infection with a urine culture should always be the first step in evaluating urinary urgency or urge incontinence.

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Other than a urinary tract infection what else can cause a constant slight sense of urgency to urinate?

Many things. There are a number of causes; a partial list includes, stones, neurological diseases, inflammation of adjacent gastrointestinal or gynecological organs, fluid collections or blood clots in the pelvis, some diseases causing bladder lining inflammation called interstitial cystitis, or even bladder tumors can do this. Remember infections are not just bacterial, fungal or viral infections also can. Read more...

I have a urgency to pee after peeing, could it be urinary tract infection? If so can it go away on it's own?

Possibly. The urge to urinate occurs when the bladder is inflamed or irritated. If you drink a lot of caffeinated beverages this can cause urgency but infection can also cause this symptom. I would see your doctor to check your urine to make sure it is clear and that no antibiotics are needed. Read more...

Can a bio film bladder infection cause urge incontinence? Feel sometimes like wet pants. Any. Medicine can help?

Here are some... Please ask your doctor since apparently your concerns have been a longstanding issue and s/he will surely know more about you than anyone online. How to do these correctly? Please refer to articles I suggested for you to peruse in the past. Without a coordinated way of care as suggested, more online sporadic answer to sporadic questions will generate more confusion, fear, and anxiety. Best wish... Read more...