Best approach to aleviate chronic back pain have herniated disc with radiculopathy?

ESI. An epidural steroid injection can be helpful in alleviating the radicular pain associated with a herniated disc.
Time. Assuming the disc is not creating nerve damage or bladder issues, it might dry out or dessicate over 9-10 months. Physical therapy, feldenkreis therapy, mckenzie back exercises, analgesic medications, muscle relaxers all may help.. Would avoid back brace as can complicate recovery. Modern surgeries are less complex and can be often done arthroscopically.

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What is the most recommended approach to alleviate chronic back pain due to 3 year herniated disc with radiculopathy?

No one approach. There is no one approach that has been demonstrated to be most effective in all situations. If appropriate and surgery is not being recommended an interdisciplinary team approach with licensed practioners who have expertise in pain chronic pain management and spinal conditions may be a good option. Read more...
Several . For most with symptoms, time is the best healer. Other treatment ranges from activity modification, medication, exercise, physical therapy, epidural steroid injections & where needed, lifestyle changes such as weight control & smoking cessation. 10% go onto surgery. Read more...