Any swelling after wisdom tooth extraction?

Yes. Without premedication, swelling can be common. With anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling perscription pre medications, these unpleasant effects of wisdom teeth removal can be managed quite comfortably. Discuss this with your treating dentist.
Possibly. Swelling after a surgical procedure is normal. It usually is at its peak two days following a procedure. If there is extensive bone removal when extracting the wisdom teeth, there is usually more swelling. There are cases however, where minimal to no swelling occurs if the teeth are erupted and no bone removal is required. This varies from person to person also.
Yes. There can be swelling and inflammation associated with most any surgical procedure and this does include surgical extraction of wisdom teeth. If swelling persists for too long, it could be a sign of complications from the surgery such as infection or jaw fracture. These are rare outcomes, but always follow up with the dentist if there is any doubt about the cause of swelling.
Swelling is probable. So much in dental treatment depends on the patient, their pain tolerance as well as the type of extraction, ie; bony, or ankylosed. A surgeon's skill, touch & the way they do a surgery. Great hands with a patient who follows all of the home care directions can lead to a very positive result with very little pain. With all the variables, pain could be minimal or could last weeks. Meds can help.
Not uncommon. It is a surgery so swelling is not unexpected. Monitor, though, if swelling persists for over 4-5 days.