Toothache and abscess, brain infection related?

Possible. There have been documented cases of death due to an abscessed tooth draining into the brain region, one such sad case of a child who's parents could not afford the antibiotics and chose to buy the pain medicine.
It can be. Infection in the teeth near the sinuses as well as septic emboli form any dental infection can potentially lead to infections in the brain. That is why dental infections should be taken seriously.
Possible. Possible. A definite risk of dental abscess is seeding the brain - brain abscess.
Location. Possibility of spread of infected upper teeth to brain. Risk of spread from lower teeth to the brain extremely low. In either case the dental infection can be dangerous, spreading to other organ systems, and should be treated immediately. Please call your Dentist.

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How much time does it take for a abscess tooth to cause a brain infection and what are the symptoms?

No set time frame. Treat the abscess ASAP. You'll have less problems in the long run. Dr Oz calls the maxillary area of your face "The Triangle of Death". Although brain infections from teeth are very rare, they do happen.
DEPENDS. It can vary from days to weeks. It depends on how severe the infection is, if there are any medical issues present, is the proper antibiotics being administered etc. Please have the tooth abscess treated ASAP. Good luck.

How long does it take for a abscess tooth to cause a brain infection and what might be the symptoms?

It Depends. If an upper tooth is abscessed, and the abscess goes into the fascia (the layer between the bone and muscle), it can spread fairly quickly, and I don't think anyone wants to find out how quickly! The infection can go to the angular vein, and then to the cavernous sinus, leading to a need for hospitalization. Why risk it? If you think you have a tooth abscess, see your dentist to take care of it.
Tooth abscess. If the abscess is in your upper eye tooth area you run the risk of it traveling to your brain the symptom is swelling infection and possible death! Don't wait get it taken care of!

How long does it take for an abscessed tooth to cause a brain infection and what are the symptoms?

Tooth abscess. Please don't wait!, ! an abscess tooth on the upper jaw in the cuspid area can travel up to the brain get it taken care of see your dentist if you get headaches it may be too late prevention is the best treatment.
Count time? There is no precise time for an abscessed tooth to infect your brain. It may never happen or it may happen quickly. The point is you need to get it treated as soon as possible to avoid any bad consequences. The longer you wait, the larger the damage it will cause locally and remotely.