What are the different effects of radiation exposure?

Depends how much... Radiation is naturally present in our environment. With low levels of radiation exposure, the biological effects are so small they may not be detected.The body has repair mechanisms against radiation-induced damage.Any amount of radiation may have some risk of causing cancer, and that the risk is higher for higher radiation exposures. High doses can cause tissue and organ damage.Hope that helps!
Depends. Radiation effect depends on the type and amount of radiation and how much an individual is exposed to and what areas of the body are exposed.

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How do you combat the health effects of radiation exposure?

Depends. depends on how much radiation dose you received and how much of your body was given radiation. With therapeutic radiation the dose are usually very controlled. Most patients may have some fatigue with radiation but that resolves with time. Different organs respond differently to radiation. Read more...

How long does it take for side effects of radiation exposure (eg via CT scans) to show up in human body (God Forbids).Is it years or months?

With exposures. in the ranges of diagnostic imaging, lifetime effects are cumulative. The risks are generally very small and hypothetical, but that said, it would probably take a radiation induced cancer 20 years to become apparent. It would depend on the type of cancer as well. Read more...