Why is my tounge yellow?ive tried nystan twice and a tablet anti fungal and it won't go.i spend 15 minutes cleaning it only for it to be coated agai



Before you try anti fungal medicines, make sure you have confirmed the diagnosis of candida with a laboratory culture. Have you taken an antibiotic for longer than 2 weeks or been on several doses of antibiotic? Are you diabetic? Do you have dry mouth? Are you on any immunosuppressant medicines? Are you a smoker? Heavy coffee or tea drinker? If you have candida, did you take meds correctly
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Many causes

Discoloration of the tongue can exist for many reasons. Diet, supplements, medications, hygiene, vitamin deficiency, some type of sickness, and on and on. Should see a dentist or your doctor and possibly get a culture done to try and narrow down the causes.
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