My feet hurt so badly because of my new job. What can I do to help my feet at work?

Arch support. Consider purchasing an inexpensive arch support from your local pharmacy. This will decrease the tension placed on your foot at these points. When not working, place a tennis ball on the floor under the arch of your foot and roll it in a massage like fashion to loosen the tight muscles. Stretch foot muscles by placing the front of your foot on a step letting the heel fall below the step for a min.
Gait, footwear. Assuming that you are having to spend much of your day on your feet, try and buy footwear that reduces the body's tendency to overpronate (when your foot flattens too much and swings inwards during your gait). When your foot pronates too much, the ankle and heel do not align midstance, foot strains under your body's weight). Look into orthopedic shoes that are better designed to support you.