I am 29 weeks pregnant, how many times a day should you feel your baby's movements?

That is a ? You should be asking the dcotor or his nurse who is taking care of you and u should go by what they say ! there is not set number, you should feel movement throughout the day and night, if u are worried drink something sweet like apple juice, etc, and the baby should start moving in repsonse to the glucose, if you are worried call your OB , your OB should work u in or send u to teh labor room.
It can vary. At 29 weeks most women can feel their baby move regularly. Our office instructs patients to lay on their side and ensure that have at least 4 movements in an hour. This can be done any time there are concerns, or if instructed by your OB for high risk pregnancies. You can do this 3x/day (after meals usually works best) and as always, call your OB if you have specific concerns. Take care.