What is the difference between pulmonary fibrosis and stenosis?

FIFROSIS INLUNGS,STE. Fidrosis is inthe lungs due to scarring, but pulmonary stenosis is narrowing of the pulmonary valve inthe heart both are completely different conditions in different organs.
Heart versus lungs. Pulmonary fibrosis is a disease affecting older patients. The lung develops scar tissue and becomes stiff over time, causing impaired breathing and eventually death. There is no cure. Pulmonary stenosis is a narrowing of a heart valve that separates the right side of the heart and the arteries it empties into supplying the lungs. This cause heart strain. It is fixed with surgery.
See below. Pulmonary fibrosis is, generally speaking, scarring of the lungs. Certain types progress faster than others. There is no such thing as pulmonary stenosis (narrowing). You can have a narrowing of the airways which is a completely different problem and may be treated with stents. And refers to the large airways so is different from asthma and copd. Hope this is not too confusing!

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How could mitral stenosis be complicated by pulmonary fibrosis?

Can't fix it. The two conditions are separate but both lead to similar symptoms. So fixing the mitral valve might not resolve the symptoms as anticipated. Fixing the valve is also made riskier by the lung problem. So one complicates the other. Read more...
Pulmonary HTN. Mitral stenosis makes it difficult for blood to return from the lungs to the left heart. This in turn raises the pressure in the pulmonary circulation, which causes pulmonary hypertension. Over time, this may cause scarring in the lungs, although typically it results in right heart failure instead. Read more...