What is a medicine I can get without a perscription for anger?

Not a medicine. If you're having trouble with anger, it's best to find non-drug ways to work with it. For many, vigorous exercise helps discharge it. But ultimately, you need to understand what's triggering your anger so that you can deal effectively with it. If this is hard for you, working with a psychotherapist may help you sort things out.
Cognitive Behavior t. I agree with dr . Pamela and dr. Ali, cognitive therapy is a good choice . Identifying their negative thoughtsc can help them change their feeling and decrease their anger.
Anger. Agree with dr. Pappas. Explore the source of the anger, preferably thru counseling, and treat that.
I agree with others. Only thing i would add is if you have a short fuse, you may want to consider getting your thyroid checked. People with an over active thyroid can be irritated without cause, and thus treatment for their problem would be a pill. Good luck!
Only prescription . meds & treat anger appearing as part group symptoms. All of us get angry. That's a normal "fight or flight" response. But once it ceases to be useful & becomes harmful, it needs to be addressed. First step is psychometric evaluation. Been abused? Hurting others? Have PTSD, endless energy, impulsivity or insomnia? We know SM are afraid of what asking for help will do to careers. Do the right thing.
You are angry? 'i was angry with my friend. I told my wrath, my wrath did end. I was angry with my foe. I told it not. My wrath did grow.' -- blake. If life has taught me anything, it is to communicate. If there is a relationship that is driving you to ask this of us, i'm hoping that things can be resolved or your life situation changed. Don't tolerate abuse. Manage your own anger. Talk rx can help greatly.
H'mm? A medicine, for anger; and no prescription. Consult a well trained psychiatrist.