My doc wont do diagnostic tests for my symptoms I have fungal problems digestive problems excessive sweating fatigue back pain nausea anxiety and panic attacks night sweats chest pain weight loss eye floaters severe pmt im 34 female what tests should I as

See your eye doctor. For your symptoms of floaters you should see your eye doctor right away to see if it's the sign of a serious problem. As for your other symptoms, they should warrant some further testing. If you feel you're not getting the proper care from your primary physician, you should consider changing doctors, or go to your local emergency room. Chest pain can be a symptom of a very serious problem.
See a new Dr. There are really a thousand different tests which can be performed on the human body. I wouldn't begin to know which ones, but seeing a new dr sounds like the best hext move for you if you are disatisfied with your current dr. I would start with a board certified internist or internal medicine doctor. Good luck.

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Confirmed anaemic. Is this y I have heavy night sweats, weight loss, chest pain low back pain. Had iv iron but symptoms still present. Fed up!

Many symptoms. By now your doctor(s) should have told you the cause of the anemia and begun appropriate treatment. If that is not the case you need a referral to a blood specialist (hematologist). If you have seen a hematologist but are not satisfied with the responses you should ask your primary doctor to refer you somewhere else. Read more...
IV iron? This does not sound right to me. Unless you have serious stomach problems, there is no reason to be on IV iron to treat anemia. More importantly, you need to see your doctor about these night sweats and weight loss and pains. If you are not sure why you are getting IV iron, get a 2nd opinion. Read more...