How long after having heart surgery will a person be able to return to work?

Depends. This depends on a number of things. What sort of surgery did you have? How sick were you before your surgery? Did you have any complications from your surgery? What sort of rehab is required after your surgery? How quickly do you tend to heal after major surgery? The answer to these questions will determine how long you will be out after heart surgery (or any surgery, for that matter).
6-8 weeks. It takes 2 months for the sternal incision to reach 80% of the strength it had pre op and 2 years to heal completely.

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How long should a person who had a ASD ( (heart surgery)) wait until going back to dentist and anything else do she/he would need to do before going in?

Post Heart Surgery. You should have your own Cardiologist discuss this issue with you and your dentist. There is no pat answer. It is based upon your past and present medical and dental history.
7-10 days. Your doctor will discuss when you can return to regular activity (usually within a 7-10 days). Antibiotics will need to be taken 1 hour before any dental procedure even simple cleaning. Bring your current medication list for your dentist visit. Good luck.

How long does open heart surgery take to complete?

Heart surgery. A typical operation takes at least 3hrs, though some less, some more; depends on what needs to be done.
Depends. Most coronary operations are about 3-5 hours for average surgeon, disease and place. Some pride on speed, but thorough and careful is a good idea. Valve operations also vary with how bad the valve is, and if more than one valve needs work.

How long does it take to wake up from open heart surgery?

Anesthesia. Anesthesiologists often run the case so a patient is awake very rapidly at the end of the procedure. Not all anesthetic runs aim for this however. Discuss the specifics with the anesthesia team doing the procedure.