How long after getting a breast lift can you return to work?

We recommend. One week off if you have a desk job. Physical jobs will require more time off.
1 Week. Every patient has a different experience when it comes to recovering from surgery. However, breast lifting surgery is generally a very well tolerated procedure, associated with less discomfort than other procedures such as breast augmentation for example. Most patients are able to return to a desk job within one week. More strenuous work may require additional weeks off. Best wishes.
Breast lift recovery. If you have only a lift with no implants, you may be able to return to a non strenuous job after just a few days. With implants, you may need a little longer off work. Talk to your surgeon for specific info related to you and your exact surgery.
Breast lift. You need to ask you plastic surgeon but if its a desk job usually a couple of weeks or as soon as drains come out.