I have abdominal on lt side of belly button tender above belly button diarrhea constipation trapped gas lower back pain abdominal spasms?

Doctor can evaluate. Abdominal pains and stool changes can be from many different causes. Infection with "stomach flu" viruses is a common cause. Other causes include eating "bad" food, medication effects, gall bladder problems, appendicitis, irritable bowel symptoms, ulcerative colitis, etc... A primary care doctor or a G.I. Specialist can evaluate and look for a diagnosis.

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Have tenderness when press on right side of abdomen between hip bone and belly button and low back pain on right side. What could this be?

See your doctor. Your symptoms may be signs of something significantly wrong. One cannot tell without a complete history, physical and possible lab/imaging tests. Possibilities in the region of your pain include ovarian cyst, appendicitis, uti, or kidney infection to name a few. Follow with your doctor as soon as you can. Read more...