How could I cope better with severe asthma?

Step back a moment. Dr. Bezack is right: get specialty care. Fortunately both pulmonologists & allergists are trained to evaluate & treat patients with severe asthma. Allergists will also treat the atopic basis of the disease (95% in kids, 50% in adults) including coexisting allergic problems. Coping also means taking better care of self, getting family & friend support, & addressing issues like depression & smoking.
Seek Specialty Care. The best way to cope with severe asthma is to be evaluated by a pulmonologist. With the proper history and diagnostic evaluation, you and your doctor can formulate an appropriate maintenance regimen for treatment and develop an action plan for exacerbations. There are many different options for treatment that are considered on an individual patient basis.
Education... The more you know about your asthma, including your triggers and what to do during an acute exacerbation, the more in control of it you will be. Once you are in control of it, you will find that you are less worried and you will be better able to cope with it. Many world class athletes have asthma so living a normal life with asthma is definitely possible. Good luck!